Capabilities Statement


Capabilities Statement

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Central Point Partners

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International- US and Canada
NAICS Codes:
561311 (Primary), 541512, 423430, 541990, 561330, 561312
SIC Codes:
7361 (Primary), 7373, 5045, 7389, 7363, 7361
PSC Codes:
D302, D306, D307, D308, D310, D318, D319, D320, D321, D399, R408, R415, R425, R431, R499
137 Commerce Park Drive, Suite D2, Westerville, OH 43082
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IT Staffing
Value Added
IT Consulting
IT Consulting
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Brief History

Pamela Stanczewski and Josh Demidovich set out to create and build a next generation IT Staffing, IT Services and Value-Added Reselling business; a business built on our people and culture that would rise to meet the needs of the new millennial workplace and worker.

Central Point Partners started gaining in popularity, not only for its assortment of IT services but also for its strong corporate culture and diversity. At Central Point Partners, employees take precedence over shareholders. It was the intention of founders Pam Stanczewski (CEO and President) and Josh Demidovich (COO and EVP) to create a work environment where employees, consultants, clients and vendors can feel valued and loved. Their efforts have met with success. Central Point Partners' strong and unique culture has created one of the Best Places to Work in America.

The success of Central Point Partners also demonstrates that such a “culture of love” can be profitable. Although Central Point Partners has experienced some bumps in its history, sales have grown every year since its founding in 2012. Pam Stanczewski and Josh Demidovich have adapted their business to respond to the rapid and continual change that technology brings to the world, they are well positioned to perform to the future demands for placing top talent in the workplace and providing emerging technology solutions, products and services to its clients. Between the two of them, they have reached goals beyond their original vision and have transformed Central Point Partners into a team of innovative leaders – continually achieving excellence in the IT Staffing, IT Consulting and Value-Added Reselling markets. Central Point Partners has adopted a stakeholder orientation, incorporating the diverse perspectives of customers, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders into their strategic planning and daily operations. Central Point Partners brings its own unique perspectives to create a culture truly unique in the IT Staffing, IT Services and the Value-Added Reselling industry.

Value Proposition

Central Point Partners is a certified woman owned small business with a focus in staffing, strategic consulting, and value added reselling.

Mission Statement: Central Point Partners' Mission is to provide exceptional IT Staffing Services, IT Products, and other IT Services that are cost effective assets to our clients. We promote the highest standards of quality, integrity and customer service.

Company Goals and Objectives: Central Point Partners’ goal is to have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in value added reselling and strategic consulting. We will strive to focus on customer service that creates a loyal customer following. Central Point Partners’ objective is to have 100% year over year growth.

Business Philosophy: Central Point Partners strives on adding value to all of our clients. This value will come from quality products and services, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.


Competitive Advantage

Central Point Partners has over 20 years of executive experience. The CEO and Vice President have been a part of four Fortune 50 World Businesses’ preferred IT staffing programs. Our value add comes from quality products and services, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. We have decided to focus on being great at reselling for fewer manufacturers than be good at reselling many manufacturers.


Key Personnel


Pam Stanczewski- President and Chief Executive Officer

Pam Stanczewski is responsible for the overall strategic direction, growth, and management of Central Point Partners. Pam has over fifteen years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience. Prior to this, Pam was the Executive Vice President of a National Technology Consulting & Staffing Company. She was responsible for managing the day to day operations of the company. She oversaw the National Account Reps, the branch offices, the recruiting and sales division, and client relations. Pam is ISO 9000:2000 and Six Sigma trained and experienced in implementing and improving internal controls through performance tracking, risk reporting, and continuous improvement.


Josh Demidovich- Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Josh Demidovich was the Chief Operations Officer at a pharmaceutical repackaging company where he managed the corporate accounts and the day to day operations. He then went on to become a National Account Executive for a National Technology Consulting & Staffing Company. He oversaw accounts that ranged in headcount from 5000-7000. He contributed to the business plan that grew revenues 10,000% over 5 years.